Kenwood House

On the Saturday of the second week, we all went on a daytrip to Kenwood House together ( The day started with a tour of the this 17th Century building, with paintigs by masters such as Rembrandt and Vermeer!

We then continued to walk through the fields and the gardens, and took a break by the lake… This was a fantastic photo opportunity of course, poor Ahmed acted as photographer  with 20 different cameras!  Thank you for being our designated photographer!

Ahmed, who had to take all the photos!
Ahmed, who had to take all the photos!


The walk finished with tea and fantastic cakes at the home of our British Museum colleague Frances Carey. The lovely afternoon was cut a bit short by the onset of rain, and we all had to rush inside to seek shelter from the thunder storm…and then later it hailed! In June!

The journey home was no less eventful – there was a huge puddle of water to cross on the way to the bus stop, and then of course it started to rain again…Luckily Hayam had a scarf or two to spare to protect the rest of us from the rain!

Protected from the rain
Protected from the rain



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