ICTP at Manchester

Aba, Joyce, Hayam and Hesham spent four days at The Manchester Musuem, and three days at the Whitworth Art Gallery, where they took part in a programme of activities meeting staff across all the departments, from Conservation (see photo), to Learning, Exhibitions and Documentation, as well as spending time with subject specialist curators, looking at material in the stores.

It wasn’t all work: the curators’ stay coincided with the International Festival, which included a series of performances created by Marina Abramovic at The Whitworth Art Gallery, one of which the curators attended (they described it as ‘interesting’ (!)), and with graduation, so the curators saw all the graduating students wandering around in their gowns. While in Manchester, the curators explored the city, including visiting Old Trafford and enjoying the shopping. We also took a day trip to Liverpool on Saturday where we visited the World Museum and the National Slavery Museum. At the end of their stay, we made a film of the curators discussing their experiences, including what they had enjoyed most, and how the training scheme could be improved, both overall, and in the regional sections, which was fascinating – edited highlights are soon to be available on YouTube as part of The Manchester Museum’s Collective Conversations series.

We all enjoyed hosting and spending time with the curators, and hope they take back good memories of Manchester – despite the rain!

In Manchester conservation with Sam
In Manchester conservation with Sam


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