BM Northwest Development

Some disappointing news yesterday.

The local council, Camden, voted to not approve the proposed Northwest Development at the British Museum.

As you’ll remember, the Northwest Development would have offered a series of new conservation studios, storage spaces, and a large gallery for temporary exhibitions.

The Museum is now deciding how to proceed, and which aspects of the scheme could be modified to gain planning approval.


3 thoughts on “BM Northwest Development

  1. This is most disappointing. BM must organise and encourage guided TV tours showing citizens of UK the present condition of the storage areas and conservation department of the BM in convincing people about the immediate need for state of the art storage facilities and conservation labs at the proposed Northwest Wing.

    As an ICTP participant I am proud of the unmached dedication and unbelievable achievements of the Conservation and Science Departments of the BM. I have seen that these Departments are working through a series of difficulties in a very sad environment primarily due to the lack of proper space required to carry out scientific investigations in protecting cultural properties of national and international importance.I strongly feel that the proposed Northwest Wing of BM must be built through a fair argument based on pure reasoning and not on emotion or false faith.

    I am quite hopeful that the Camden City Council will change its decision and support the BM for on this for the greater benifit of UK and the entire world.

    Nilanjan Banerjee

  2. I think what should the BM do is to study the reasons which made the city council refused the project and try to modify it to have the approval,and make some of the museum’s staff have a series of meeting with the people from the city council with presentions about the project and what it will add to the BM and the modifications to the project, and i think finally they will approve because this project is too important to be canceled or stopped, because the treasures that the BM has deserves to have this new storage areas and conservation labs which will enable the BM from continuing its mission of being museum to the whole world and spreading the knowledge of the world’s different cultures to the whole world.

  3. Realy it was disappointing news
    I’m very proud that i was one of the BMITP 2009 participant, and it’s great to see no to hear that the BM was a great institution, realy i understood the meaning of World Museum.
    i wish i will hear a good news in future about Northwest Development at the British Museum.
    Hisham Hussein

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