help needed

Hi everybody
Could I ask you all a favour, after geting back to Cairo my manger asked me to write a report about how could the distrect developing its work through what I had learned in Bmictp in London.

What I thought is that I could apply some of what the British museum doing in learning at my work, with only one difference that this will be through historical buildings not through Museum’s collection, so if any of you have any ideas for me please share it with me.

I’m waiting your ideas and maybe some experiences from your countries!


5 thoughts on “help needed

  1. Hi Heyam , can u explain more ab ur question ? i’m sorry i didn’t understand it well.

    Best Regards
    Haytham Deik

  2. Dear Hayam,

    In a previous job, I was working as a guide in a museum in Finland. The museum was the home and studio of an sculptor, and the collection in the museum consisted of his art, and his personal belongings, and the personal belongings of his family. This meant that the building itself became a really important part of the whole museum experience.

    My colleagues and I created some educational material which taught children about life in the late 1800s and early 1900s, which is when the family lived in the house. The materials did not focus on specific objects in the same way they might in other museums, but instead they aimed to give children an idea of what life was like for the people living in that building.

    Is this the type of information you would need for your report? Would you like more details?


  3. What I meant that I was asked to write a report of how to make a historical building useful to the people who leave around it, what i tried to do is to take some of the ideas I have seen at the BM and try to apply it on a building not a museum’s collection, and what I needed that if anybody have an idea that you maybe saw in your country about how to use an old building in educating, learning, and helping the people, and I mean the poor, not very good educated people, because I think this is the way which could make the people respect the old buildings and sharing us in conseving and preserving it.

  4. Hayam,

    I’ve had a little think…I wonder, if you mean things like, for example, that because the ancient buildings could be visited by tourists, this might be a source of income for people in the area?

    I think I know of some examples of museums in areas in the UK where there were social problems, but eventually the people in the area learnt to identify with the museum, see it as their own and actually contribute to the museum running? I can find some examples for you.

  5. Hayam hello!

    I emailed a former lecturer of mine, and she had an example of a museum, which was being vandalised by people living near it. They did a lot of community research and conversations with people, and built a new museum, but in the same place, and that has been a great success.

    My lecturer has published a chapter in a book about this museum, which, luckily, I have, so I can get you the details if you like?


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