The Staffordshire Hoard

This morning sees the announcement of a stunning discovery, perhaps the most important collection of Anglo-Saxon objects found in England. The hoard contains 5kg of gold and 1.3 kg of silver, and has formally been declared as Treasure.

Photo by Daniel Buxton, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Originally discovered by metal detectorist Terry Herbert in July 2009 and subsequently excavated by Birmingham University Archaeology Unit and Staffordshire County Council, the announcement to the media took place at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

Photos of the hoard can be seen on the Portable Antiquities Scheme Flickr site:


One thought on “The Staffordshire Hoard

  1. A fascinating staff breakfast on the hoard today, outlining the event surrounding the discovery. The hoard is estimated to cointain some 1,600 pieces.

    The website created for the hoard by the Portable Antiquities Scheme received as many as 2000 hits per second – that’s 2000 people every second looking at that site! Amazing interest.

    In the future, selected pieces of the Staffordshire Hoard will be on temporary loan/exhibition in the British Museum as well, although it is likely that it will remain and become the legal property of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, and Stoke Museum.

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