The Ho Museum in Ghana

Here are some photos for all of you to enjoy of the Ho Museum in Ghana! Aba Eyifa (who was a participant on the ICTP in 2009) has provided these photos of the work they’ve carried out at the Museum. A member of staff from the British Museum’s Department of Africa, Oceania and Americas also spent some time working with Aba and her colleagues in Ghana.

 After workshop After workshop






You can also have a look at the Ho Museum website by clicking here.

 After workshop

Below is an  image of some of the staff of the Ho Museum making mounts for the new exhibition with Heidi from the British Museum.

And here is a photo taken on the Open Day when the Museum celebrated the completion of the workshop. 60 students from local schools were invited to guided tours of the Museum, with a reception, food, music, dancing and a certificate given to all those who participated in the workshop.

Aba and Terhi

3 thoughts on “The Ho Museum in Ghana

  1. Dear all,
    I believe i will not be wrong in saying that working in a museum is one of the most fantastic places to work. Its fun, educative, relaxing and enjoying to see different objects, colours and also meet different people in a museum.

    My participation in the 2009 BMICTP has been very beneficial to me and indeed one of the wonderful moments in my life that can never be forgotten.

  2. I would like to emphasise: the ICTP I mean is the British Museum ICTP and thank you to all BM staff who were involved-specifically in the summer programme of 2009 and for all the previous years from 2006.

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