ITP Diary 2011: Francisco Silva Noelli

ITP 2011 ın Manchester

After three productive weeks in the bowels of the BM, and fortunately make new friends from many countries, I’m in Manchester. I was lucky to be accompanied by Levent and Joyee, two very fine people. And happier still to be conducted here by Colin McEwan, a special guy, friendly and eloquent about the issues of museums, archaeology and anthropology. The first days at The Manchester Museum and Whitworth Art Gallery were so very interesting. Both belong to The University of Manchester, and most exhibitions integrate interdisciplinary research projects. We know the director and the plans for the future of the museum. We spent pleasant and instructive hours with the staff and the volunteers, who presented the storages, the rooms and the arguments and strategies of the exhibitions.

 After the daily Schedule of ITP 2011, the night we went to pubs, restaurants and shows for the well-deserved leisure… for our luck has been improved with the Manchester International Festival!

Francisco Silva Noelli, Professor, Interdisciplinary Program of Population Studies, State University of Maringá, Brazil

One thought on “ITP Diary 2011: Francisco Silva Noelli

  1. Hi Francisco!
    It is a pleasure to meet you and know about your stay and activities which have been conducting there in England along with other colleagues. I hope that take the best advantage of this learning and serving in their day to day when you return to your work.
    Best wishes

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