ITP Diary 2011: Jana Al-Araj

Hello everyone 🙂  hope all of you are enjoyıng your time in the museums.

I would like to tell you a little bit about Bristol and Cardiff where we went today. Well Bristol is a nıce quiet city full of nice architecture and seagulls 😛 Their noises can be heard everywhere, and they also are funny when you look at them.

Today we went to another cıty “Cardiff”, it’s about  1 hour from brıstol by car. First when we got there we went to The National Museum of Cardiff. It was a nice experience, it has a nice collection of contemporary art and also a nice Natural History Gallery, where you experience sound and visuals as some dinasous can move ;P Later on we went to another museum “Chanllaw” which is an open air museum, full of beautiful landscapes, castles, and amazing gardens. We have been lucky today to enjoy the sunny and warm day 🙂

And at the end of the day we went shoppıng  in Bristol and walked around the city wıth my amazing friends Meltem, Manisha, and Doaa 😉

Jana Al-Araj, Birzeit University (Architecture & Archaeology), Palestine

3 thoughts on “ITP Diary 2011: Jana Al-Araj

  1. Hi Jana, lucky you!! combined cardiff and Bristol. We are also having good time in Newcastle with XU, Abdelmajid, and Hager.
    All the best.

  2. Great day out to visit the National Museum of Wales and the St. Fagan’s castle and National History Museum of Wales. We were blessed with great weather and enjoyed this trip out.

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