ITP Diary 2011: Meltem Yasdag

Happy & Rainy Days in Bristol

Hello everyone from Bristol. We’ve been here for a week but I can easily say that we have such a funny time in Bristol. The people from museum – Philip, Kate, Sue and Yana – are so friendly and all the time they try to do their best to make ourselves feel at home.

Excluding heavy rain and seagulls’ screams, 🙂 Bristol is a quite small but lovely city. During the week, we visited Georgian House, Red Lodge and MShed, which is the latest museum in Bristol. In MShed, we could see almost every stage about the process of constructing new museum.

We also went to Bath and experienced the city like an open-air museum. And finally, thanks to my dearest friends; Jana, Manisha and Doa, the days in Bristol are still fantastic.

Meltem Yaşdağ, Culture and Tourism Expert – Art Historian, General Directorate for Cultural Heritage and Museums, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Turkey

One thought on “ITP Diary 2011: Meltem Yasdag

  1. Yes, Bristol is a great city, with wonderful museums and collections – we hope others from the programme will visit the city – although we can’t stop the noisy seagulls from keeping you awake!

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