ITP Diary 2011: Manisha Nene

During our programme with our UK Partner Museum in Bristol we went to an ancient Roman Villa. Initially this visit was not scheduled in our programme. However, when Mr. Philip Walker, Public Programme Manager, told us about it, we all were excited to visit the site. The place is little far away from the city and not regularly open to public. Mr. Philip was very enthusiastic. He collected the keys of the site from Blaise Castle and took us to the site by car.

All of us were just stunned to see the site. It is about 2000 years old Roman house and was discovered while constructing a residential complex in 1947. One can see the walls of the rooms that must have existed. However, the most interesting part is the mosaic flooring in some of the rooms that has survived through the centuries.

In one corner of the villa a bathroom and water well also exists. Its a rare opportunity to get a chance to see such excavated and preserved site. Here are some photographs of the site for all my friends.

Manisha Nene, Sr. Curator, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya, Mumbai, India

One thought on “ITP Diary 2011: Manisha Nene

  1. Great entry Manisha, thanks. Yes, it was a rare treat to see this site. It is so unexpected to find it in the middle of a housing estate, but what a remarkable floor and quite a large villa. We hold open days in the summer and occasional early evening opening to allow locals and other visitors expllore this unique site.

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