Dikko Idris: Returning to Nigeria

A week after I returned to Nigeria from the ITP, I resumed my normal duties in the office. I came back from the British Museum full of new ideas. Part of my responsibility at the Museum is to train our local staff on various Museum activities. Now I designed an in-house training programme base on my experience from the ITP.

Furthermore, before the ITP, I was given a new responsibilty to establish and manage an interpretation centre for Rock Art sites. My experience at the ITP helped me greatly in my new assignment. I’m currently writting a report on the ITP. In fact, the British Museum International Training Programme is a Gateway to the Museum Profession.
ITP participant, 2011, Nigeria

2 thoughts on “Dikko Idris: Returning to Nigeria

  1. I wish you all the best too Dikko.
    A month after I returned back from UK, I am still digesting the experience I had. The ITP training has helped me acquire a lot of knowledge on all aspects of Museums. It has exposed me to new ways of handling issues. I have started implementing some of ideas that I learnt. I have for example drafted a proposal for our discovery centre which is empty to be equiped like the BM samsung discovery centre. I have approached canoon, LG and samsung. I made presentation to my colleagues to adopt some of ideas especially public programming.
    Kudos to the organisers of ITP for making us gain what would have otherwise taken a year to learn in six weeks in the best way.
    I miss you all and hope that we meet again.

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