Back to Egypt: Rasha Ali

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are fine, I miss you all so much, and I miss those lovely days we’ve spent together.









I’d like to thank the BM and all the staff and the sponsors, special thank to Neal, Claire and Shezza they had done a great effort for us. I’ve learnt many things and met many wonderful people and also in Cardiff I had enjoyed my time there and I’d like to thank Mike Tooby and Melanie so much.

After 40 days in the UK…. I’m back to home, back to work again, full of energy and carrying with me many ideas and telling my colleagues about every thing I’ve learnt there.  I gave a lecture for the university students who come to the museum for a training programme, they were very interested to listen to my experience there and I’m preparing for another lecture with more details for them.








I hope we could meet again, I’ll never forget those lovely people, lovely days; I feel that it was like a dream…

Rasha Ali, Curator, National Museum Alexandria

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