Regards from India: Joyee Roy

Hello everybody! Hope you all are doing well. I miss you all.

After returning from ITP I was too busy with my work that I can’t be able to contact you.

Firstly, I had to finish all my pending works after returning. It was a large amount of work.  Secondly, I had delivered a presentation about my experience during ITP. It was highly appreciated by all of my colleagues.

Thirdly, I was busy with exhibition work. It is on Kalighat Painting, a folk painting of Kolkata, India. It was opened on 15th October, 2011 (last Saturday). It is jointly curated by my museum & Victoria & Albert Museum in London. I had implemented my experience of ITP during display, signage, lighting and other matters of the exhibition. Experience of ITP helped me a lot.

Lastly, from Liberty, you came to know that she was in my country and my museum during August. It was nice to meet her & her friend in my place. Me and my husband had dinner with them.

With love & regards,

Joyee Roy


One thought on “Regards from India: Joyee Roy

  1. Hi Joyee,
    Thanks for sending us an update, it’s great to hear about the work you have been doing since the ITP!
    Congratulations on the new exhibition, it looks really fascinating, I wish I could see it!

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