‘Fantastic Creatures’ International Touring Exhibition

The British Museum has an extensive programme of touring exhibitions which highlight the collection at international venues. This week’s staff breakfast talk was delivered by Curator Alexandra Villing and Project Manager Clare Eardley. They presented one of the British Museum’s international touring exhibitions – ‘Fantastic Creatures’.

Under the theme of ‘Fantastic Creatures,’ a variety of fascinating creatures that existed in myths and legends from the 1st to 19th century are on display. This exhibition is divided into nine sections which present the role of mythical creatures and beasts throughout different civilisations and time. Their function and character are very varied and they occupy a fundamental place in human culture.


Pan, marble figure, about AD 150-200, from Rome, Italy.


To find out more information about ‘Fantastic Creatures’ please check this link.

This unique exhibition was started in Ulsan Museum, Korea (June – October 2011) and will be on display in Hong Kong Museum of Art from January to April 2012. In addition, approximately 130 items will be on display under six sub-themes including ‘Good and Evil’ and ‘Fact and Fiction’.

Alicja Sliwinska

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