Past-participant Training Opportunity 2013

The International Training Programe team are delighted to announce that Eileen Ondusye Musundi, Curator, The Nairobi Gallery in Kenya and Exhibitions Designer, National Museums Kenya, will be joining us this summer on the past-participant training opportunity 2013.

Eileen first came to the British Museum on the ITP 2008 when she was based in the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Amercias with Julie Hudson and Katherine Coleman. For her UK Partner placement she went to Cardiff and was hosted at Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales by Melanie Youngs. Eileen also took part in the Cairo Conference in 2010 and wrote an insightful essay for the ITP book.

In the years following the ITP, Eileen has helped organise permanent, temporary and touring exhibitions for National Museum Kenya and she is now curator in charge of The Nairobi Gallery.

We are delighted to welcome Eileen back this year and hope this will become an annual opportunity for a past-participant to further their training and to re-engage with staff at the British Museum and colleagues and friends around the UK.

6 thoughts on “Past-participant Training Opportunity 2013

  1. Congratulations dear Eileen,I hope you have a great and most enjoyable stay whilst in England. Kudos to the ITP team,you guys are doing a great job!

    Principal Curator.
    National Museum,
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  2. What a great opportunity!!!!, Congratulations to my great colleague for being selected. ITP is going places Kudos to Sheeza, Claire, and Neil and the whole team.

  3. Congratulations to Eileen and to National Museums of Kenya in general. I am very happy and proud that a colleague has been selected for this precious oppurtunity, and I am confident that what she will learn in this second chance at ITP she will come back and share with us. My greetings to all at ITP- Sheeza, Calire, Ian, Neil and all, plus those at Department of Africa, Oceania and Americas

  4. Congratulations to Eileen, it such a great opportunity not only to re-join the ITP one more time but also to became a member of the ITP team WOOW, what a precious experiment, All my wishes to Eileen for this giant step forward in her life. my warmest greeting to the ITP; Claire,Sheeza, Ian, Neil and ALL

  5. Congratulations to Eileen, a great opportunity to enjoy time ,learn & see more, have a great experinces, rejoin and contacting with others, Good luck to everyone.

  6. Hello colleagues,
    ITP 2013 was all that I expected and even more. As we conclude this edition, I wish all participants success in their future endeavours as they join the wider ITP family. And to my colleagues in Kenya, i look forward to working together as we share what we have gleaned from the ITP. Good luck to the future ITP past participant placement, too!
    Long Live ITP……

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