One thought on “British Museum Africa Programme Newsletter

  1. Dear All

    Yesterday saw the Movie ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’ directed by Mira Nair based on famous novel written by Mohsin Hamid. The story centred on two cities Lahore(Pakistan) and New York. Mira Nair selected Delhi as a spot to depict Lahore as there is incomparable similarities between these two Mughal cities. Whether it is city lay out or medieval architecture and obviously the ‘culture’ which you cant easily distinguish the difference that the film is shot in different location not mentioned in the novel.

    I was trying to find out the connection between the city i live and the city i have not seen. These two are nicely mingled in the film. I was remembering those informal conversation with Asad ( My ITPcolleague from Lahore) how these two cities share the same life . This force me again to reminiscent my ITP time.

    With regards



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