Introducing our new ITP volunteer

Stuart LA Moss - ITP Volunteer 2013Hello, my name is Stuart and I’m the new Volunteer at the ITP Office in the British Museum. I’m a Postgraduate Student in History of Art/Curating the Art Museum at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

Over the next year, I’ll be helping Shezza and Claire with some of the administration for the ITP. This will include liaising with past participants, gathering information and articles for the ITP Newsletter and helping to welcome the 2013 participants!

I look forward to becoming acquainted with all of the talented and interesting people who have been and will be on the programme and hope we can make this summer a great experience for all participants.

One thought on “Introducing our new ITP volunteer

  1. Hi Stuart

                   Nice to  know that you are a new member of our community. I am Shambo ITP 2012 participants from Delhi , India. I know your Director Dr Deborah Swallow, i am working with her for developing the website and alumni association for Nehru Trust. My basic training is Indian archaeology and ancient history but i have wide range of interest but not have expertise on any of them !!! I am looking forward to hear from you more.

    with regards



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