ITP 2013: August 22 – Buket Coşkuner

Railway Station
Railway Station

Like Londoners since 1841 we travelled by railway and arrived to a Victorian style station with a beautiful fer forgé roof which gives an idea about the style of the city Brighton.
After a short break in the delightful gardens of the Royal Pavilion, we started our guided tour in the palace. It is the only palace museum we have seen, and obviously the most extravagant architecture in our visiting programme so far. It was a summer palace of George IV, built in 1820’s by architect  J. Nash. Indian style façade with 27 minarets and 5 domes with opulent interiors which were very striking.


photo 2

I compared it with contemporary pavilions and palaces in Turkey. Though at first sight they look quite different there are many 19th century features in common, such as being an eclectic, symmetric architecture; using excessive gold gildings and Chinese objects. I assume it was an age of extravagance intheworld.
We could find time to walk by the pebbled beach, take some snapshots of the famous Palace Pier which are the main sights, and entered to the vintage shops in the lanes but could not find time to see the Toy Museum and the others.
It was a bright day in Brighton. 

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach

The ITP team, well at least most of us, completed another part of our programme but also chilled out together on a shiny August day in the south coast.

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