ITP 2013: September 2 – Sheng Xia

Horniman Museum and Gardens, located in southern London, has always insisted its own characteristics and respect to its loyal audience. Today, our whole group had a really good experience there, together with the kind staff from Horniman.

Icecream in the gardens
Icecream in the gardens

The schedule began with a pleasing visit to the gardens, which are a part of museum exhibitions. Following a brief introduction to the museum by Ms Janet Vitmayer, Chief Executive of Horniman Museum, we were divided into different groups to have a quick visit to some of the museum collections, including Anthropology, Musical Instruments, African Worlds, etc.

trying out the hands-on room in the Musical instruments gallery
Trying out the hands-on room in the Musical instruments gallery

By accompany of the curator of each exhibition, we could well understand what and how the curator would like to show to the audience, as well as their success we could see today. This museum does really well in family programmes, and we could see everywhere the interactivities specially for children, the temporary exhibition Amazon Adventure being a good example, where the children and their parents would get a lot of fun and, of course, knowledge. Museum also has a great Natural History Gallery and Aquarium, which gave us a beautiful memory in the afternoon.

 Museum is a nice place for fun, while getting knowledge, Horniman Museum and Gardens seems to be a good choice.

 Don’t forget to say Happy Birthday to Janet!

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