ITP 2013 : September 9 – Mouza Al-Wardi

The ITP team after the event
The ITP team after the event

Today is a special day for the ITP 2013 participants. I will tell you very short stories of the day.
Today Morning:
I wake up so early in the morning to make sure I am ready to arrive at the BM by 9:00am. However, at 7:00 in the morning as I am having my breakfast my roommate walks into the kitchens and says she’s ready to go .
I ask her: why are you ready so early?
Her answer is: I want to go now!!
I tell her : but the BM is not open yet!! And I believe the staff at the Department might not arrive until 8:30 or 9:00am.

It is the moment that I see how stressed she is. I tell her everything will be fine and all the guests will get thrilled with all our ideas so cool down and have a good breakfast.

During the day:
I managed to finish my text and draw my plans and print all the items that would  be presented.
I believe all the participants spent all the day or half of the day preparing for this event.

Preparing for the Opening of the Exhibition:
I walk in the special room that has been dedicated to all the ITP 2013 to present their ideas on the proposal for one object to be the main focus in temporary exhibition room 3.

image 2 image 1

Everyone is busy setting up their table and all their information. By 4:30 the objects arrive and it is last touches on the mounts for the objects.
Everything is ready; people start to walk around the table trying to find out the ideas and proposals of everyone and how they are presented and the elements behind them.

I was very touched with the opening speech by Mr. Jonathan Williams- Deputy Director, on how special this event was, important not only for the BM but to present to the Partner Museums and Sponsors on the ITP and how all the participants from different countries light up the BM in this special event.

Nelson and Jackie
Nelson and Jackie

It is not easy to express the entire event in few words but I can say it was a very special day for all of us and it will be in our minds for the rest of our lives.I will leave you with these few images that we managed to take.

Hadeer, Amani and Miral
Hadeer, Amani and Miral

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