ITP Diary 27th August 2014: Asmaa El-Rabat

Today is our departmental day  in the ITP program. In the morning I went with my colleagues from Ancient Egypt and Sudan Department to the offices of curators  Anna Stevens and Anna Garnett to work on the final designs for the 1st of September exhibition project, they were very helpful and I enjoyed the team work and their support in my project. Later at the day after the lunch break, I went to the library  to take some photos that I needed for my Exhibition and Luckily the curator of the Library was very helpful and helped me to get the right photos that I needed.  After working all day on my exhibition design we had a planned evening from the ITP team to go to the theater to watch “ The Phantom of the Opera” in Her Majesty’s Theatre. The show was wonderful, the music is incredible, and the visuals are fascinating. They portray an era that was rich and complex cleverly and leave you inspired by all on the stage: actors, costumes, decors and singing. We all enjoyed the amazing show.

Her Majesty's theatre

Her Majesty’s theatre
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera

Asmaa El-Rabat / Egypt

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