ITP Reports 2015 – Part 2: Egypt and Sudan!

Emma Croft


Hello everyone,

Our series of ITP participant reports will be running country-by-country for the next few weeks. With 12 more countries to go, there are lots more fascinating accounts to read!

As the second part of our series we’re looking at reports from Egypt and Sudan, where 3 heritage professionals from the Ministry of Antiquities and 2 from the National Corporation for Antiquities & Museums took part in 2015.

04-12-2015 09.05.57.jpg

Wesam Mohamed Abd-El Alim – Museologist, Ministry for Antiquities

Fatma Ali Abbas Mohamed – Curator (Papyrus and Coins), Egyptian Museum

Mohamed Mokhtar – Temporary Exhibition Coordinator, National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

Omima Abdel-Rahman – Curator, Sudan National Museum

© Trustees of the British Museum

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