ITP Mumbai Workshop: Conference Opportunity in Leicester!

“The Museum in the Global Contemporary: Debating the Museum of Now”

Leicester University, United Kingdom

20 – 22 April 2016

Hello folks and please accept our apologies, as this opportunity is only available to our ITP participants who came to Mumbai in November last year.

Not to worry though, there will be plenty of projects and programmes announced over the next few months that you can all apply for!

As a result of our Mumbai workshop in November, we have been selected to deliver a session at Leicester University’s conference “The Museum in the Global Contemporary: Debating the Museum of Now”.

Leicester University is “a lively, energetic and global community” and has a consistently high rating as among the top 30 universities in the UK (its Museum Studies department is one of the best in the country). Leicester itself is a vibrant, multicultural city with ample opportunities to socialise and meet like-minded people.

In part the conference focuses on what heritage organisations are doing now or can do now or in the future to become relevant, inclusive and collaborative on an international scale.

In our session we want to help delegates consider how this might be achieved and give the conference a global voice. By inviting ITP alumni, we hope you can make suggestions for what would work in your home countries, and what collaborations and partnerships would benefit your institutions.

If selected, you will spend a week (16 – 23 April) in the UK including two days at the British Museum where you will be able to catch up with colleagues and further expand your global networks. The ITP will cover all the costs of your visit including conference fees, international travel, accommodation, visas and a small subsistence.

The conference programme so far can be found here:


We will be inviting 2 ITP Mumbai participants plus 1 UK partner and 1 BM department rep to attend the full conference and facilitate our session, working within delegate groups.

At this session, we want to discuss the concepts and ideas developed while in Mumbai. Delegates will work in groups and consider the outcomes and effects of our workshop and many of the larger questions which arose during the two days including:

  • The concept of ‘world stories’
  • ‘Mirror’ and ‘window’ museums
  • The necessity of a global perspective
  • How to include global voices
  • The benefits and challenges of global collaboration

This conference will give delegates a chance to make new connections and expand their networks across the sector.

We invite you to use your experiences of the Mumbai workshop to shape the debate and ensure global voices are heard in discussions on world stories. It will also be a great opportunity to gain ideas and put the “Your city and the world” projects to the test – trying out concepts on new audiences and using the conference as a sounding-board for our next steps!

Applications have been sent out by email, but do let us know if you need a copy!

2 thoughts on “ITP Mumbai Workshop: Conference Opportunity in Leicester!

  1. Dear Program Coordinator

    Compliments of the New Season

    Thank you for the information on the conference to be held in Leicester University. However Iam disappointed as hear that this conference is exclusive and that is it is meant for all those who attended the ITP Mumbai Workshop in November 2015. As much as I could not be able to the ITP Mumbai Workshop because of pre-planned work related programs that does not mean that one should be prevented to attend the Leicester conference, especially when one is the alumnus of the ITP. However I am in content to hear you saying there are still more opportunities to come for all ITP alumni.


    Vuyani Booi

    Senior Curator
    University of Fort Hare Museum
    South Africa

    1. Hi Vuyani,

      Thanks so much for your comment – it is good to hear from one of our first alumni! I’m very sorry to hear you’re disappointed. Just to let you know, the Leicester conference itself is not exclusive, and is open to anyone across the sector who would like to attend. While we will not be able to offer funding at this time, you can buy tickets here:

      The session the ITP team will be delivering further discusses the topics and issues addressed during the Mumbai conference. Therefore in order to help us deliver the session, any ITP participant facilitating will need to have attended that conference in Mumbai. We really hope you choose to apply for our other opportunities in the future! 🙂



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