ITP Reports 2015 – Turkey and Greece

It’s the 3rd part of our ITP 2015 report series!

If you’ve only just joined us, we’ve been sharing our participant reports from the 2015 ITP. We’re doing this country by country, and our first two parts of the series focused on China and Egypt.


For today we’re moving closer to the Mediterranean, with the reports of three ITP participants from Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey and Ioannina, Greece.

All three of our participants work with or within universities, meaning they were able to bring a unique range of experiences to the ITP group.

We are sure you’ll enjoy their reports below!

Esther Solomon, Teacher, Museum Studies, The University of Ioannina, Greece

Ebru Esra Satici, Project and Event Coordinator, Koç University Research Centre for Anatolian Civilizations, Turkey

Tugba Tanyeri Endemir, Director, Science and Technology Museum and Deputy Director, Center for Science and Society, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

© Trustees of the British Museum

© Wellcome Images

2 thoughts on “ITP Reports 2015 – Turkey and Greece

  1. I am really impressed with the reports. The three reports showed a critical path of focus after ITP training. First is the thoughts about the training in the area of exhibitions and audience, secondly is the aspect of leadership skills and third on collaborative activities. I thank the 2015 ITP participants for their wonderful thoughts and efforts in their home countries from Turkey and Greece. I am also learning a lot from your reports which i will definitely use. This is the purpose of ITP

    1. So wonderful to hear that you’re finding the reports enlightening and useful – we hope that it’s another way for you guys to share ideas and thoughts across the years!

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