Hello from Njeri Gachihi – Past Participant Facilitator 2016!


Njeri Collage Main

Dear participants,

My name is Rebecca Njeri Gachihi from Kenya and I participated in ITP 2010. This year I am elated at the opportunity to come back to the British Museum as a Past Participant Facilitator, following in the footsteps of Eileen (Kenya), Jana (Palestine), Shambwaditya (India) who were the PPFs for 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively. It is my hope that I will fit into the big shoes of the three. Njeri means one who loves to travel – this tells you that travelling thrills me and in return I treasure and value travellers, all the more reason why I use the name. It is no secret then that I will be delighted to meet and know each one of you.

I am a Medical Anthropologist on my 10th year with the National Museums of Kenya, serving as a Curator for a Prehistoric Site; an Art Gallery; a Monument and at the main National Museum. I have also spent 3 years running a training programme for East Africa.

On the side, I am involved in research on: Religion; Alternative Medicine; Environmental Conservation; Community Engagement & Development; Ethnographies and Ethno-archaeology. My most recent research is on the significance of Kenyan Rock Art in current day communities and especially the role the sites play in the belief systems of the people living near them.

I am currently nursing a new baby borne of my institution some months ago – The Kenya Heritage Training Institute (KeHTI). This outfit intends to offer courses on heritage management to East and Central Africa. As the Program Manager, I have taken on the challenge of developing a curriculum, drawing up modules, establishing viable partnerships and selling the programs. Therefore apart from facilitating your stay in the UK, I do hope to spend some time learning how I could make the KeHTI a world-class institution. I trust we will have ample time to share and learn from each other.

While not at work I spend time with my family of two boys and one girl.

See you soonest!


11 thoughts on “Hello from Njeri Gachihi – Past Participant Facilitator 2016!

  1. Hiii!!!
    Congratulations !!! So the dream comes true what we both discussed in Mumabai conference . Wish all the best. You will LOVE it

  2. Hi I am sorry for being late! It would be an completely different experience from the actual ITP as a participant.
    Cheers !!

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