Tapunga Nepe, Tairawhiti Museum, New Zealand and Guo Xifeng, Shanxi Museum, China: UK partner experiences

Tapunga Nepe, Kaitieki Maori, Tairawhiti Museum, New Zealand and Guo Xifeng, Exhibitions Planner, Shanxi Museum China

UK Partner experiences

We have a harvested and happy journey at our partner museums. The Bristol crew and Manchester crew arrived at our destination, welcomed by sunshine and our very hospitable and kind-hearted hosts.

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Each museum and art gallery is unique. We have learned much from them, the most impressive thing to take away from our partners’ work is their “audience focused” policy: they collect relevant information about audiences with scientific methods and respond to it in appropriate ways when developing activities.

visitor research bristol
Visitor survey analysis, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

We are amazed by the outreach community engagement programme and excellent exhibitions with local specialties. We are impressed by the in-house conservation staff and experts who make great efforts to care for artworks for the future generations. Furthermore, the spirit of enthusiasm, cooperation and working carefully of the staff are all worth learning.

We were very lucky to go behind the scenes to view museum collections and saw many beautiful objects from our own country.

manchester object
Greenstone heitiki. Behind the scenes tour of the Oceania Collection at Manchester Museum.

Many thanks to the staff of our partner museums for their kind assistance and strong support over the 10 day placement. Hopefully, we will have chance to cooperate in the future.

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